NSH Oil Seal (GIANT DIN OIL SEAL CO., LTD.,) was established in 1989, and started as a small oil seals manufacturer,
with time it involved an international business directly exporting to worldwide markets with its sealing expertise of offering
high quality performance in the aftermarket industrial and automotive parts; Specifically in Automotive Seals, Fork Oil Seals,
Seals for Power Steering System and Trailer Axle Seals. NSH Oil Seal Team is committed to providing the highest level of
product quality and customer services to sustaining in the World Business Competition.



     NSH Oil Seal Currently manufactures high performance oil seals to the following Industries: Automotive, Machinery , Construction Equipment, Pumps and more Applications. Despite to supplying standard oil seals, NSH Oil Seal supports more via offering the precious sealing design to match demanding projects that required strictly specifications.  Materials selections are from Nitrile, EPDM, Polyacrylate, HNBR, Silicone, Viton or XNBR. The Metal inserts and loaded spring can be either carbon steel or stainless steel.  
     When you look for a Sealing solution or a new project, please kindly contact us for inquiries.